A personal A to Z of Portugal

After completing my personal A to Z for the ABC Award, I’ve decided to extend the idea. I’ve set myself the challenge of using each letter of the alphabet as the basis for a post about things I care about in Portugal. Originally, I was going to write about all these things in one article but that would become quite long and you probably wouldn’t read it.

Instead, I’ve decided to write a separate post for each letter, and put them in a separate category, A personal A to Z of Portugal. The titles will be the letter and what it means, for example, A is for Alva. I may end up reusing some letters but will definitely use all 26 at least once.

This series of posts will be about things related to my life in Portugal that matter to me for one reason or another. Some will be about things I adore, others will be about irritations and frustrations. I’m already excited about writing these posts as the idea has helped to inspire me and give me something to focus on.

I hope you’ll like them; please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in your comments.

If you like the idea of doing your own personal A to Z of Portugal, or anywhere else, visit My A to Z Challenge to find out more about how to share your posts and links.

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