A is for Awards!

What a lucky lady I am – I’ve been honoured with two awards in one day! Both courtesy of Alyson Sheldrake via the Thought Palette.

I’m still feeling a little dumbstruck so I’ll keep my acceptance speech very short and sweet: Thank you very much, Alyson!

But I’d also like to thank my fellow Personal A to Z bloggers who’ve been tremendously supportive and encouraging over the development of My A to Z Challenge hub site.

The first of the awards is the Candle Lighter Award, created by Kate at Believe Anyway, who explains it like this:

“I began to think about my purpose for blogging. I mean the title of my blog reveals a lot about my mission: Believe Anyway. I have blogged before that I chose the title to remind myself to stay optimistic. My purpose is to light a candle in the darkness that envelopes us all at times. I want to lighten loads and light the way. I gravitate towards positive people and positive blogs.  I want to start a blog award that reflects my love for the positive in the blogosphere”.

If that doesn’t make you go “Aaaaw, sweet”, I don’t know what will. So I’m delighted to be considered worthy of this award.

If you want to spread the love and positivity by giving this award to someone, please read Kate’s very simple instructions about the Candle Lighter Award first.

As if that wasn’t positive vibes enough, the next award, the details of which I am shamelessly copying from Alyson’s post, is called the HUG award© and aims to promote hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people.

The HUG award© was created by Connie Wayne – you can find out all about it here: The HUG Award. If you’d like to pass it on to someone, visit these guidelines for precise details of how to do that.

All that remains for me to do now in order to accept it is to add a couple of badges and links, but first I’d like to add another massive thank you to Alyson who has worked extremely hard on the badges for My A to Z Challenge and been a star from the very beginning. Please check out her blogs, if you haven’t already done so. They’re both great!

Algarve Blog

The Thought Palette

I’d like to pass on the HUG award© to:

Robyn at Team Oyeniyi for battling the odds and standing up for what’s right

Aisha at Expatlogue for informative observations of expat life in Canada and generally showing star qualities

Lindsay at What about your saucepans? for enlightening me about the culture of the Dominican Republic and taking time out to give me guidance and support