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How to get great value for money on travel in Portugal

How can you get insider tips and tricks for saving money on travel in Portugal?


My ebook, Money-Saving Tips for Travel in Portugal. Unlock the secrets to Getting Great Value for Money, shows you how to:

  • Save up to 70% on hotels or find free accommodation
  • Figure out the cheapest ways to get around Portugal
  • Learn local habits and eat for less without feeling ripped off
  • Find out about free events and save money on sightseeing
Money Saving Tips for Portugal Travel by Julie Dawn Fox
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Money Saving Tips for Travel in Portugal. Unlock the Secrets to Getting Great Value for Money by Julie Dawn Fox

The short book is a result of years of experience of living and travelling in Portugal and is packed with insider tips. As well as helping you get more for your money, there are practical sections for using public transport and getting to and from the airport.

Here’s what happy readers have to say:

“An extremely well thought out, concise publication that is full of common sense and helpful advice on a wide range of issues. It is excellent for those new to Portugal, also for the more experienced visitors – I thoroughly recommend it.” – Richard Housden

“We downloaded this very handy guide. It is full of excellent travel trips and we have read it all in preparation for our trip to Portugal in a few months. The information is clear and easily read and set out in a very user friendly way. Some guides seem to be focused on the younger generation but this one is full of genuine handy hints and ‘how to’ information. It is really suitable for us (in our 60’s) but would be just as suitable for any age group who want actual information, not just where the best bars are! We love it!” – Lawrence W Jacks

Pick up your copy of Money Saving Tips for Travel in Portugal: Unlock the Secrets to Getting Great Value for Money from Amazon.