I’m extremely flattered and proud to have received some wonderful blogging awards. Click on the image for more information about each one.

Expat blogs in Portugal

The Hug Award

Awesome Blog Content

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  1. starlight
    starlight at · Reply

    happy new year julie! here’s “very inspiring blog award”

  2. ferragudofan
    ferragudofan at · Reply

    I know it’s not gold and shiny (!) but you are a Beautiful Blogger too!

  3. ferragudofan
    ferragudofan at · Reply

    I do hope that you will accept the brand new Blog of the Year 2012 Award which I have bestowed upon your blog – you can read my award ceremony post here ‘Blog of the Year 2012 Award’ Thank you for entertaining and informing me this year – and Congratulations!

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