cream and sponge cake with chopped nuts

Since I published my previous post about Portuguese cakes and desserts, I’ve been checking out some of your recommendations and have even been given a book to read about them. I’ll start you off with a fresh batch of cakes before telling you about the book, Fabrico Próprio (the closestRead More →

Serra da Estrela cheese about 30 days old

One of Portugal’s gastronomic highlights is Serra da Estrela cheese. Its by-product, requeijão (like ricotta) is rather yummy, too. Thanks to a cheese-making workshop, I now know how they’re made, although I won’t be trying this at home. According to Maria do Céu, who has been making Serra da Estrela cheese sinceRead More →

Chouriço assado com aguardente / flame grilled red pepper sausage

One way of guaranteeing that your food is served hot in Portugal is to order chouriço (smoked sausage which is coloured and flavoured with red pepper) assado (spit-roasted) com aguardente (with spirit – as in alcohol, not ghosties). I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Portuguese sausages, which is aRead More →

Green Elvas olives

I try to keep an open mind about Portuguese food, really I do. Despite more than a few disappointing if not disgusting experiences, I continue tasting different dishes hoping to understand what makes the Portuguese so proud and fond their cuisine. Sometimes, I’m rewarded with a tasty treat but this isRead More →

cooked pig stomach stuffed with rice

For me, one of the joys of travelling and living in different countries is the opportunity to try different food. I do, however, have limits; whilst a friend of mine was prepared to cook and eat goat udder in Vietnam, I usually steer well clear of brains, offal and otherRead More →

polvo à lagareiro com batata a murro

I realise I’ve been somewhat disparaging of Portuguese food lately so I’m hoping to redeem myself by sharing something special with you. Allow me to introduce my favourite Portuguese dish, polvo à lagareiro com batata a murro, which is octopus served with baby baked potatoes and lashings of olive oilRead More →