Rain in Portugal

It’s not just the British who love complaining about the weather, the Portuguese do their fair share of grumbling at this time of year. No one really minds a day or two of rain. After all, we all know how necessary it is in the scheme of things, especially thoseRead More →

Medical kit

Before I go any further, I’d like to stress that the receptionists at my local health centre are usually very patient with my inadequate Portuguese and do their best to understand and help me. A welcome change from my first experience of the Portuguese health care system in Coimbra aRead More →

Since Alyson and Dave Sheldrake moved to the Algarve, their art has gone from strength to strength. They have both been busy setting up their art business in Portugal and running exhibitions as well as creating fabulous paintings and photography. Last month, Alyson was kind enough to choose my dog, Daisy,Read More →

brambles on a hill

‘Get rid of brambles’ has been on our To Do List ever since I moved to rural central Portugal. That was almost five years ago. After a long, prickly process, I can finally tick this as done. Well, almost. Here’s how not to deal with brambles, followed by the easyRead More →

Sheila Sim at Quinta das Lagrimas, Coimbra

This week’s guest has a house in Portugal so she visits several times a year. She has some great recommendations for trips to central Portugal and for garden lovers. Hi Sheila, can you tell us a bit about yourself, please? I’m a garden photographer, based in Edinburgh in Scotland. WhenRead More →

Moura Morta, Portugal

What does it take to feel comfortable if you live abroad? I was recently interviewed for a television documentary about my experience as an expat. The producers were exploring the concept of home comforts; how certain objects might affect the way that people living away from their home countries feel aboutRead More →

table and chairs on a balcony

It’s not enough to lay my hat somewhere to make it a home, although it’s a start. And home isn’t always where the heart is so just what is it that transforms a place to live into a home? Given how many times I’ve had to create one, I’ve foundRead More →

I’d like you to imagine for a moment that you’re looking for a second-hand car to buy. After establishing a price range and the criteria that are important to you, you go to a showroom. You’re in luck, they have a car that might suit you so you check theRead More →