Christmas and New Year in Portugal. Julie Dawn Fox

If you’re going to be spending Christmas and New Year in Portugal, either as an expat or on holiday, this post is for you. Find out how and where to celebrate, how the Portuguese do things and what events are going on during the festive season (scroll down if you’re most interested inRead More →

Wooden tram, Porto. How to get around Porto

One thing you need to know about Porto is that it’s hilly. Fascinating and beautiful too, but be prepared for lots of steep slopes and steps. The maps don’t show where these sneaky inclines are so unless you’re very familiar with the city, your sightseeing route could easily involve an unanticipated workout. That’s why it’s worth findingRead More →

Ferry Bar, Castelinho park, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Minho Portugal. Things to see and do in Vila Nova de Cerveira

Vila Nova de Cerveira may be small but it made a lasting impression on me. This northern Portuguese village on the bank of the River Minho, has bags of natural beauty, historical architecture and more than its fair share of art. It’s also named after a legendary stag. In no particular order, hereRead More →

Paiva riverside boardwalk, Arouca, Portugal

There’s a lot to be said for the power of pictures. Images of the recently opened Paiva River boardwalk started popping up in my Facebook feed and spurred me into action. Just days after the official opening, a couple of friends and I decided that the 2-hour drive to AroucaRead More →

Letterbox swing, Funchal, Madeira

You’ll find there are plenty of things to see and do in Funchal. Some of the city’s most worthwhile attractions are way above sea level and best reached by cable car but the journey is part of the fun. Thankfully, the city centre is relatively flat and easy to explore on foot.  Just tryRead More →

Bridge and boat, Ponte de Lima

If you’ve never been to Portugal, you’re in for a treat. You might even fall a little bit in love, especially if you know how things work. My insider tips can help you prepare for your first trip to Portugal and make it go more smoothly. Knowing a little about local customs, especiallyRead More →

Pool, Casas do Côro, Marialva

How do you revitalise a sleepy historical village that’s off the beaten track? Paulo and Carmen Romão from Casas do Côro have made a huge difference to Marialva by buying up several traditional granite cottages and renovating them to form a luxury rural retreat. They haven’t taken over the entireRead More →

Bartolomeu Gusmão and his flying machine. Lisbon Story Centre

Actually, it’s not that bad but I did find the pace of the interactive Lisbon Story Centre frustrating at times. Unlike a static museum where you can stop to look and read as and when it suits you, this recent addition to the city’s attractions takes a full hour ifRead More →