Facade, Rio Arade Manor House hotel, Algarve

The weight of responsibility suddenly feels heavier as I follow the last of my driving directions, “Take the second exit from the roundabout. Destination is on the left.” I’m now driving along a slightly run down street which seems to me the last place you’d expect to find a manorRead More →

Whether you’re after a fairytale palace, war museums, magnificent views, an old convent or a wander through Portugal’s finest collection of national and imported trees, Buçaco is the place to go. Which explains why this 250-acre forest is such a popular weekend picnic spot and worthy tourist destination. Only 30Read More →

Chocolate shop, Óbidos

An attempt to beat the crowds at last year’s international chocolate festival in Óbidos backfired on me. Having been warned that the town’s narrow medieval streets would be teeming with families on Sunday afternoon, I decided to delay my visit until the following day, hoping things would be a bitRead More →

Kissing rocks, Baleal

Who exactly should you kiss in Portugal? When should you kiss them? I don’t mean full on romantic smooches, which are obviously reserved for very special people. I’m talking about the friendly greeting kisses, one on each side of the face. Although it’s an integral part of life here, I’mRead More →