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Portugal Itinerary Coaching And Consultation

Meet Julie Dawn Fox, your outsider on the inside. Award-winning Portugal blogger and contributor to DK EyeWitness Travel Guides to Lisbon, Portugal and Europe plus publications like the Huffington Post and Ritz-Carlton Magazine.

Like me, you’re keen to explore Portugal beyond the tourist hot spots and develop a deeper connection with local people and their culture.

You want to taste, feel, smell and hear as well as see for yourself what makes Portugal so special. I’m here to help you find those unique cultural experiences.

Creating your ideal Portugal itinerary requires detailed research and careful planning but we all know how time-consuming and stressful that can be.

The right information often proves elusive or you quickly feel overwhelmed by the myriad of tempting options.

Wouldn’t planning your trip be so much easier if you had a local expert on hand? 

“Working with Julie was highly informative, her insights were very useful, the information she shared was exactly what we were looking for and she is a delight to work with.” – Lance Dublin

Tap into my insider’s knowledge of Portugal

Since moving to Portugal in 2007, I’ve travelled extensively throughout Portugal on my own, with my husband and with friends and family.

I’ve discovered its most enchanting spots including many you won’t find in guidebooks, not even the DK Eyewitness Guides I’ve contributed to.

I’ve learned which places are worth your time and effort and which tourist traps are best avoided.

I’ve also learned what pitfalls to watch out for and how you can avoid costly, frustrating or embarrassing mistakes.

Itinerary Coaching can save you time and stress

  • Do you get excited by planning your own trips and creating itineraries?
  • Are you happy to make your own bookings for hotels, flights, car hire and tours?
  • Is it difficult for you to find the time to research properly?
  • Do you quickly get overwhelmed by the myriad of options?

If yes, my Itinerary Coaching service is designed for you.

You get to keep the fun, freedom and flexibility of piecing together your own itinerary.

Just far more efficiently.

If you’re too busy to start planning a trip to Portugal from scratch but want to be actively involved in building your uniquely personalised itinerary, Itinerary Coaching is the way to go.

“Thank you SO much for your help – I love travel planning this way – takes a load off us when we have so little time to figure things out. Much appreciated and I will definitely tell others about you.” – Denise Calfo (Itinerary Coaching)

By the end of our scheduled coaching session, you will have created a unique, logical itinerary that maximises your time in Portugal.

This is what you get with Itinerary Coaching:

  • I do the bulk of the research for you, saving you up to 80 hours of tedious trawling. I’ll help you organise the possibilities into a logical order and help you choose what to keep or cut if spoilt for choice.
  • Impartial* personalised suggestions for activities/restaurants/places/tours you’ll adore. I’ll give you relevant links or contact details so you can book what’s needed.
  • Accommodation options carefully selected to match your dates, tastes and budget. I give you links so you can simply click and book.
  • I’ll find out whether it’s best to travel between towns and cities by train, bus or rental car and give you links to timetables and transport companies.
  • I’ll tell you what I know about the places you choose to visit that will enhance your trip.
  • Unlimited one-to-one email support for up to 7 days – ask as many questions as you need to make the best choices.
  • I use Google Docs for a shared draft itinerary that we can both edit and comment on as the coaching session progresses. It’s yours to keep at the end of our session.


  • Portugal Travel Information Essentials PDF
  • Portugal Packing List PDF
  • Money Saving Tips For Travel In Portugal (PDF), my insider’s guide to getting the best value for money when travelling in Portugal with logistical information about getting to and from major airports in Portugal.

Price: From €199 for a 7-day itinerary.

*I am a travel consultant, not a travel agent. The coaching fee covers my time and knowledge leaving me free to suggest things that are right for you. This includes activities you can do without a guide.

“Julie made it so easy to communicate across many time zones and cultures using Skype, Skype messaging, Google Docs and her blog. Julie is so personable, thoughtful and efficient. It was a pleasure to plan our trip together.” – Lucy Irwin

Complete this form and I’ll email you with a quote and questionnaire 

Why pay for Itinerary Coaching?

My fee covers my time and Portugal travel expertise and gives me the freedom to choose from an unlimited pool of services when I make recommendations to you.

A travel agent who offers to design custom itineraries for free is unlikely to put much effort into elements of your trip that don’t benefit them financially.

Depending on your preferences, I can suggest things you can do for free/without a guide. I can tell you ways you can save money or give you the contact details of someone who’ll treat you like royalty throughout a tour.

My only criteria are how well these options match your tastes and needs, and their reputation.

I may even be able to get you cheaper prices than a travel agent can offer for certain elements of your trip.

The ultimate decision remains with you, as do the bookings.

Don’t need so much help?

If you just want to pick my brains about a few niggly details, a Quick Query Skype consultation can get your planning on track.

  • Book a 30 or 60-minute session to talk through your ideas
  • Get help deciding where to go and what to do
  • Insider recomendations for activities/restaurants/places
  • Links to relevant information for follow up
Find out more about Quick Queries

No time to work on your own Portugal itinerary?

If you’d rather have me design your itinerary to suit your preferences, no problem.

I’ll create an itinerary you’ll love.

You then have the option of booking the elements yourself or working with a local travel agent that I trust to take care of everything for you.

Find out more about my itinerary design services

FAQs & Terms and Conditions

What information do I need to supply?
I’ll send you a questionnaire to find out what makes you and your travel companions tick. The more you can tell me about your tastes and motivations, the better my advice will be. I will only share relevant details with potential service providers if it is necessary for establishing availability and suitability. Otherwise, it’s just between you and me.
Do I have to schedule specific dates for Itinerary Coaching?
Yes. A typical Itinerary Coaching session to plan a 14-day trip involves a series of unlimited email exchanges over 7 days. To ensure that I am able to reply to your messages within 24 hours, I limit the number of clients I have at any one time. You will also need time to read the information I send you, consult your travel companions and ask questions to build and refine your itinerary. If we can’t find a mutually convenient period of time to schedule our coaching session, I’ll refund your payment.
What if I can't commit to 7 days in a row for Itinerary Coaching?
No problem. It’s important to make sure you’ve got enough time to read through the information I send you and ask questions to refine your itinerary during the coaching session. If your other commitments make it difficult for you to do this in just one week, you can divide the coaching session into 2 parts. For example, you could start with a 4-day session spanning a weekend, finishing up with a 3-day session a couple of weeks later. You would need to book both sessions together.
Terms and Conditions
Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal is not a travel agency. Information and suggestions made with regard to itineraries are just that and do not constitute a travel arrangement or contract. Every effort has been made to ensure the information provided by Julie Dawn Fox is accurate and up to date at the time. However, services, reputations and standards of third parties are subject to change; establishments close, standards and prices may change. Julie Dawn Fox is not responsible or liable for the operation of any third-party service providers. This includes, but is not limited to, the failure of public transportation to operate as planned or museums and other attractions to open as scheduled. Fees paid to Julie Dawn Fox are for itinerary coaching, design and consultation services only. Fees for Itinerary Coaching services are payable in advance and are non-refundable unless unforeseen circumstances at Julie Dawn Fox’s end render her unable to deliver the service or the client notifies Julie Dawn Fox in writing within 30 days of dissatisfaction and it is not possible to resolve the problem. In such circumstances, any unused portions of the fees will be refunded.


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