When you visit Aveiro, expect to see lots of boats and small houses, like these at Cais de São Roque, Aveiro

I often get enquiries from readers who are considering moving to Portugal. Some of them have spent time in Portugal already while others have only read of its charms. Like many expats in Portugal, I enjoy living here despite certain frustrations, and know I made the right decision in settlingRead More →

Covers of books about Portuguese food.

Mention Portuguese food to a Portuguese person and you’ll uncover a deeply-rooted passion for their cuisine. Visitors to Portugal don’t always understand the appeal as it’s hard to know what to order and what’s worth sampling without guidance. These books about Portuguese food and drink can help at various stages of your gastronomic journey intoRead More →

Men on benches. Pages from Two Hundred Days by Mark Benham

I’m jealous. And inspired. In his new photography book, Two Hundred Days, Mark Benham has fulfilled a dream of mine; to compile a stunning visual tour through Portugal which captures its essence and touches the soul. Mark’s two hundred days of photography were spread over 12 visits to different regions and coverRead More →

Silver Screen Cities, Celebrating City Cinema Going – Lisbon

Some things have changed since I first fell in love with Lisbon in 2007 yet many of its charms are timeless. David Kintore’s book, Silver Screen Cities, Celebrating City Cinema Going – Lisbon is essentially the diary of a film-loving TEFL teacher living in Lisbon in the early 1990s, backRead More →

cream and sponge cake with chopped nuts

Since I published my previous post about Portuguese cakes and desserts, I’ve been checking out some of your recommendations and have even been given a book to read about them. I’ll start you off with a fresh batch of cakes before telling you about the book, Fabrico Próprio (the closestRead More →

It’s been two years since Louise and Ben Taylor made their dream of moving from London to the Algarve a reality. Time enough to give proper consideration to whether or not it was a wise move, and to write a book which tells their story and may help other potentialRead More →