Ponte D. Zamiro near Vilarinho in northern Portugal

Many pilgrims start their Portuguese Way of St. James with this 2-day section walking north from just outside Porto towards Barcelos and beyond. For me it was the very last stage I did as part of my “mop up Camino”, an extra 5 days walking the remaining stages of the coastalRead More →

Pilgrims' scallop shells with messages, Portuguese Way of St. James

Redondela is where the coastal and central Portuguese Camino de Santiago become one. Pilgrims enter the small Galician town from different directions but once on Rúa Padre Crespo, there is only one Camino Português. Dori and I stopped for lunch in Redondela having walked all the way from O Porriño that morning and carried onRead More →

Waymarker in Tui, Portuguese Way of St. James

It’s time to take you on the Portuguese Way of St. James from Valença to Redondela, although some people begin their pilgrimage across the river in Tui. There’s a reason why Valença and Tui are popular starting points for the central Portuguese Camino de Santiago. If you want to qualify forRead More →

Pilgrims crossing the ancient bridge in Ponte de Lima on the Portuguese Way of St. James

As with the previous section of the central Portuguese Way of St. James, I’m covering the two days between Ponte de Lima and Valença in one blog post. This is partly because I’ve already written about the first of those days as it was the experience that sparked this wholeRead More →

Wayside shrine to St. James

Our 10 consecutive days on the central Portuguese Camino de Santiago began in the pretty town of Barcelos. It took my friend Dori and I two days to walk from here to another of my favourite towns in northern Portugal, Ponte de Lima. Most of this stage was through glorious countryside, asRead More →