Writing services

As a freelance writer, I can create content for your website, flyers, brochures and books or boost your content marketing via regular blog posts on a range of topics.

Simply email me to discuss your project and get a quote or check out my writer website for testimonials and more information. 

Translation and editing services

Have you already got a website or brochure in Portuguese but want to reach an English-speaking audience?

If you want to impress potential clients, you need thoroughly professional communication. You can’t rely on Google Translate or cheap non-native translators to achieve this.

Sadly, the slightest mistake can prevent people from trusting you or taking your services seriously.

As a native English speaker, translator and writer, I can help you in several ways:

  • direct translation from Portuguese to English (your message and your style in my language)
  • creative translation from Portuguese to English (your message tailored for an English speaking audience)
  • review and polish your translated text until it shines (check and correct mistakes in meaning and language)

Feel free to email me in Portuguese!

Photography licensing

Do you need photographs of Portugal for your website, social media or printed materials?

As well as the many images I use to illustrate my blog posts, I have thousands of other high quality photographs, especially of Portugal, that I can license for you to use in various ways. My photos have already been used by a Japanese television company, a UK university and other blogs.

Find out how easy it is to license my images for your own use


Custom Souvenirs 

I use my photography to create a range of customised products. You can order souvenirs and products to resell from my online shop.

I can also create exclusive products for you. Simply email me to discuss.


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