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Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal is a travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping people enjoy living and travelling in Portugal. The people who visit my site are actively interested in doing those things and are influenced by my experiences.

My most engaged readers tend to be educated women over 45 based in the UK, the USA, Portugal, Canada and Australia.

They enjoy culture, history, nature, food and wine and getting off the beaten track as well as seeing Portugal’s most famous highlights. They prefer unique, authentic experiences and appreciate affordable luxury with individual charm.

My blog typically receives an average of 25,000 page views per month from around 12,000 individuals. For more detailed information, please see my Media Kit.

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  1. Well…I just stumbled in your site ! I m not surprised that a foreigner lady knows my Country better than most of the Portuguese living here!
    But thats a fact that i KNOW many UK citizens, living here for ages, and they explored ALL corners of this small piece of land, learning our day by day living, our history, our food and drink habits, our culture, etc..
    Many of us,like myself, see this with good eyes. If Portuguese themselves cannot promote our country abroad, I welcome that Foreigner friendly visitors/ residents idea. What do we have to lose?
    Better, i would like very much to be part of that.Not a question of money or profit,see it as a international cultural cooperation.
    Being working and living in your country for several years (in different locations) i learn how to love your Country, just simple things, sometimes.In fact, i would like very much to end my days there.
    Now, what takes a man to exchange living in his home Country to go and live in a different one?
    Your heart is where you feel good. Borders dont make part of a dream.They should not exist.
    Wish you the best sucess.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and support, Aldo. Much Appreciated!

    1. Author

      Lucky you, Trevor 🙂

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