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Planning A Trip To Portugal? Get My Help To Create Or Improve Your Itinerary

Deciding to visit Portugal is the easy part of trip planning

Working out which destinations and activities you can realistically fit into the time you have is more of a challenge, not to mention time-consuming.

Creating your ideal Portugal itinerary doesn’t have to be stressful

There’s an easy way to avoid feeling overwhelmed with options, uncertain about your choices or frustrated at not being able to find the information you need.

Let me help you create a trip to look forward to and treasure

As someone with in depth knowledge of and love for Portugal, plus over 20 years of trip planning experience, I can relive the stress and burden of working on your ideal Portugal itinerary in many ways.

“Our trip was wonderful! Each day was so much fun, and every detail was perfect… I’ve been meaning to write to you everyday to thank you for putting together such a spectacular trip for us. The hotels were amazing, the pace just right, and the food was so good! You have spoiled us for all future travel!” – Lucy Irwin

Option 1: Tailor-Made Portugal Itinerary Design

You want a unique, customised experience but don’t have the time or inclination to create it yourself. Tell me what you’re looking for then leave the research and planning to me.

You can choose to book the services in the final itinerary yourself or have my partner travel agency take care of all the reservations and payments for you.

Find out more about my Itinerary Design Service

Option 2: Itinerary Coaching

If you prefer to be more involved in building your itinerary but have limited time to research your Portugal trip, I can do most of the legwork for you.

Tell me what you want and I will research and present you with appropriate options. Ask me as many questions as you need to shape your own itinerary and get all the information you need to make the bookings yourself (or hand the trip over to a travel agent for reservations).

Find out more about my Itinerary Coaching Service

Option 3: Quick Query Consultation

If you are happy to do the bulk of the research but need insider advice and recommendations to help you make decisions about your Portugal itinerary, talk to me. My Quick Query consultations offer you the chance to discuss your plans and get my honest, informed opinion and suggestions.

Find out more about my Quick Query Consultation Service

Option 4: Bookable DIY Itineraries

Save the time and effort of trip planning by using one of my self-guided, bookable Portugal itineraries. Follow the day-by-day plan as is or mix and match to suit your available time and interests.

Find out more about my Ready-Made Itineraries


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