Portugal trip planning services by Julie Dawn Fox

Deciding to visit Portugal is the easy part of trip planning

Working out which destinations and activities you can realistically fit into the time you have is more of a challenge, not to mention time-consuming.

Creating your ideal Portugal itinerary doesn’t have to be stressful

There’s an easy way to avoid feeling overwhelmed with options, uncertain about your choices or frustrated at not being able to find the information you need.

Let me help you plan a trip that you will look forward to and treasure

As someone with in depth knowledge of and love for Portugal, plus over 20 years of trip planning experience, I can relieve the stress and burden of working on your ideal Portugal itinerary in many ways.

“We had an organized trip planned to Portugal but we were arriving 5 days early and did not know how to plan/organize those first 5 days. We contacted Julie, filled out her questionnaire asking about how we like to travel (activity level, food likes, accommodation preferences etc). With this information Julie recommended and planned our 5 days. Thanks to her planning, we thoroughly enjoyed our travels and had a wonderful time in Portugal. We are 100% happy with what she did to make our vacation enjoyable, interesting and memorable.” – Evabeth Rocke

Option 1: Ready-Made, Fully Managed Portugal Itineraries

Avoid the legwork of planning a trip by using one of my carefully crafted Portugal itineraries.  These include my favourite essential sights as well as lesser-known destinations and a range of cultural and foodie experiences that you will love.

Choose a one or two-week core itinerary and use the 3 or 4 day extensions to build your ideal trip.

My local partner travel agency will be managing your trip to ensure that everything goes smoothly so you can relax and make the most of your precious time here.

See all of my fully-managed Portugal itineraries

Option 2: Tailor-Made Portugal Itinerary Design

You want a unique, customised experience but don’t have the time or inclination to create it yourself. Tell me what you’re looking for then leave the research and planning to me.

I will design a unique, itinerary for you that takes into account your preferences and travel style. Once you’re happy with the plan, my partner travel agency will take care of all the reservations and payments for you.

Find out more about my Portugal Itinerary Design Service

Option 3: Quick Query Travel Consultation

If you are happy to do the bulk of the research but need insider advice and recommendations to help you make decisions about your Portugal itinerary, talk to me.

My Quick Query consultations offer you the chance to discuss your plans and get my honest, informed opinion and suggestions.

This option can also help if you need me to research a specific aspect of your trip but don’t need the full itinerary design service.

Find out more about my Quick Query Consultation Service

Option 4: Help finding the right tour for you

If you can’t see what you’re looking for within the tours I suggest in relevant articles and the ones listed on this page, let me know. I may be able to help match you with a specialist local tour operator.

Use this form to enquire about a customised tour

Option 5: Bookable DIY Portugal Itineraries

Save the time and effort of trip planning by using one of my self-guided, self-booked Portugal itineraries. Follow the day-by-day plan as is or mix and match to suit your available time and interests.

Find out more about my Bookable Portugal Itineraries