Quick Query Portugal travel itinerary consultation

Quick Query travel consultation

Meet Julie Dawn Fox, your outsider on the inside. Award-winning Portugal blogger and contributor to DK EyeWitness Travel Guides to Lisbon, Portugal and Europe plus publications like the Huffington Post and Ritz-Carlton Magazine.

Getting nowhere with your Portugal trip planning?

Pick my brains and get insider recommendations to help you make decisions and get back on track.

Who is a Quick Query for?

  • You’ve got your Portugal itinerary sorted but are having trouble trying to figure out one or two vital pieces of the jigsaw.
  • You’re torn between a few possible destinations and need some help deciding what’s best for you.
  • You need insider suggestions to plan something special for you and your companion.
  • You’re wondering about the best way to get around Portugal.
  • You’ve heard great things about (insert destination) but aren’t 100% sure it’s worth trying to fit it in.
“This is a belated thank you for the great hour we spent together talking about my upcoming trip to Portugal.  It was very helpful, and I’ve decided to splurge on the food tour in Porto, which I never would have found out about if not for you.” – Sandy Bibace

What you get with a Quick Query

  • My honest, informed opinion about your proposed itinerary
  • Suggestions and recommendations for improvements where relevant
  • The chance to ask questions to put your mind at ease about the decisions you need to make
  • A permanent record of links to useful sites, hotels, tours and information that arise during our session

Plus bonuses:

  • Portugal Travel Information Essentials PDF 
  • Portugal Packing List PDF

Extra Bonus for 60-minute Quick Queries:

    • Money Saving Tips For Travel In Portugal (PDF), my insider’s guide to getting the best value for money when travelling in Portugal with logistical information about getting to and from major airports in Portugal.

How does a Quick Query work?

Make your payment using the button below. You’ll be redirected to a form that asks for your availability and contact details.

I’ll email you to confirm a convenient time to talk using Skype (voice, not video)* (see below if you’d prefer a consultation in writing).

If we can’t find a mutually convenient time, or I can’t help for any reason, I’ll refund your payment.

You can ask me about any aspect of your trip to Portugal that you need help with. I will answer it on the spot if possible and send you any relevant links to further information using the Instant Messaging (IM) function within Skype.

You’ll get more out of your consultation if you email your questions to me beforehand so I can start thinking about answers and have information to hand during our session.

“Julie checked each of my lodging choices and was honest about her opinion. Based on her suggestions, I changed a couple of bookings and omitted one that might have made our travel too cramped. She also gave me a couple of choices for Fado music which I appreciated. Her blog and ebook are also very good references.” – Lee Yahnke

Book a 30 or 60-minute Quick Query consultation with me

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What if I haven’t got Skype?

*If you haven’t already got Skype installed, it’s easy and free to download and use. Go to www.skype.com for more information.

If you’re more comfortable with Facebook Messenger’s voice service, we can use that instead.

If technology frustrates you, you can call me on the phone instead. I’ll make notes during the call and send you a follow-up email with links to the information we discussed.

Can we do this by email/instant messaging instead?

Yes. If a Skype voice conversation doesn’t suit you, we can conduct the session using an instant messaging (IM) service, e.g. Skype or Facebook Messenger, or via email.

I recommend using an IM service because it’s easier to review the conversation and refer back to notes and links than it is in an email thread. You can also see when the other person is typing, which helps the conversation flow.

We’ll still need to schedule a time to do this so you can ask and get answers to your questions during the time period. Please bear in mind that it takes longer to give answers in writing than by speaking so it’s best to expect to need more than 30 minutes of my time.

If you really can’t spare the time to schedule a session with me and just want me to send you the answers, please book a 60-minute session. I have found that 30 minutes simply isn’t long enough to effectively deal with written queries. In such a case, I’ll respond to one follow-up email for clarification.

What if I need more than 30 or 60 minutes of your time?

If you have lots of questions and know you’ll need more time, simply increase the number of sessions when you make your payment.

If it only becomes apparent during the discussion that you need more help, we can decide how best to proceed at the time.

If you need me to work with you to build your Portugal itinerary from scratch, one of my other Portugal itinerary services would suit you better.

“We spent the afternoon in Lamego and thought it was most worthwhile. Paulo found us a guide in Lamego who was excellent. We would not have known about this historical city had you not told us about it when we skyped. And thanks for the lead on finding a guide.  You did a great job for us.” – Sally Gleason

Book your Quick Query session

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What do people ask during a Quick Query?

All sorts, but these are typical questions:

  • I’ve got a week in Portugal, flying into Lisbon and out of Porto. Can I fit in a trip to the Algarve beaches? I’ve heard they’re stunning and would like to have a day on the beach.
  • Can you recommend a special restaurant in Porto for our last evening? We’d like somewhere that serves traditional Portuguese food in an elegant, romantic setting.
  • I’m looking for a small, interesting town to use as a base for a few days while we explore Central Portugal. Can you suggest a suitable place to stay?
  • I’ve found a hotel that sounds perfect but I’m not sure about the location – is it too far away from the main sights if we want to walk to them?
  • Can you recommend a reliable tour operator/guide who can show us the best bits of the Douro Valley including a boat trip and wine tasting?
  • I’d like to visit some of the smaller, non-touristy villages like (insert name of village/town) – should I hire a car or can I manage by public transport? I’d rather not drive if I can avoid it.
  • I want to do some hiking while I’m in Portugal but I can’t find any information. Can I download route maps for (insert destination) or will I need a guide?

Still not sure if a Quick Query is what you need? 

Email me (julie@juliedawnfox.com) and I’ll consider how best I can help you.


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