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Knowing that the love and energy I have poured into creating Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal helps you have a better experience of Portugal is priceless. I never fail to get a thrill when readers or clients write to tell me what a difference my recommendations and support have made to their trip.

But I want to make a bigger difference in this world.

And I’ve found the perfect way to do this.

I am excited to have teamed up with B1G1 (Buy One, Give One) to become a Business For Good. B1G1 is an organisation that enables businesses to tie their commercial activities to a specific donation to one of their carefully vetted worthy causes from around the globe, for example: 1 product sale provides a family with safe drinking water for 1 day.

I love this concept so from now on, everyday actions that you take on my website will automatically and actively improve the lives of those less fortunate than us.

With no extra cost or effort on your part.

Simply by using the Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal blog or services to plan your trip, you are saving lives and improving health in poor communities through clean water and hygiene training.

For example, for every completed reservation you make using my or partner links, I will provide a child in Tanzania with clean, safe drinking water for 1 week.

A Quick Query consultation will not only get you on track with your travel planning, it will also provide a Tanzanian girl with special menstrual hygiene and reproductive health training that will empower her in many ways.

How planning your Portugal trip changes lives

Every time one of these things happens, we improve lives.

How can you increase this impact?
Use the links in my Portugal accommodation guides or book your accommodation and car rental, not just for Portugal but anywhere in the world, using these special links with my partner codes (you can bookmark them for future use): for accommodation wherever you are travelling for vehicle rental worldwide

For every Quick Query consultation I carry out, a girl in Tanzania will receive training on menstrual hygiene using sustainable products and sexual health.

How you can help:
Book a consultation with me to get help with your Portugal trip planning.

For every itinerary of more than 3 days that you book through my local partners, I will equip a local woman in Indonesia to become a health leader in her community and improve the sanitation and hygiene within it. She will use her skills, knowledge and equipment to teach those around her how to be cleaner and safer.

What can you do?
Book one of these Portugal tours/itineraries:

Fully Managed Portugal Itineraries
Custom Itinerary Design
Camino de Santiago
A self-guided walking holiday

Why have I chosen to support these projects?

I recently became aware of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are about making a dramatic difference in all key areas to make the world a better, cleaner, safer place for everyone.

My initial leaning was towards supporting gender equality by empowering girls and women. However, the more I looked at the projects available on B1G1 and saw how many of them were about something as basic as safe drinking water, I realised that this is fundamental.

Improving access to safe water and providing hygiene training will, in turn, improve the lives of girls and women as they are usually the ones burdened with the task of fetching water or caring for sick relatives.

None of us can survive without water.

I have been privileged to have always had access to running tap water in my home and safe drinking water, even if it was bottled.

But although there is enough water on this planet for everyone, far too many people do not have access to clean water. 844 million people to be precise.

Can you imagine having to fetch water for your family every day? It’s not something that those of us with taps even think about most days but it’s still a reality for millions of people around the world.

Six times the population of the US lives without a household water connection.

Two girls washing a plate at an outdoor tap.
Two girls washing a plate in clean water provided by one of the B1G1 projects

This was brought home to me when I was working as an English teacher in Tanzania. I was teaching Daily Routines vocabulary to a class of adult elementary level students in an elite language school. In addition to the usual “I wash my face; I eat breakfast” etc., they asked me how to say “I fetch water”.

Every day, I would see girls and women carrying huge barrels of water on their heads – this task is not only physically demanding, it prevents girls from getting an education.

And that water is unlikely to be safe to drink.

Every year 3,575,000 people die from water related diseases, 2.2 million of these casualties are children. That’s like wiping out more than a third of the entire population of Portugal in a year. There’d be no one left within 3 years!

That’s why I’ve chosen to start with the basics and support a project in Tanzania called MSABI that works with rural communities to install and help them maintain wells. They have also devised ceramic water filters, made by local women, that can remove the most dangerous elements and bacteria, making the water safe to drink.

Hygiene is essential

As well as supplying the life-giving water, MSABI train schoolchildren on basic hygiene practices and teach girls how to deal with their periods in a sustainable way and about their sexual health and rights. Boys are also invited to learn about these topics.

Building on this theme, another project that I have chosen to support, this time in Indonesia, empowers and equips local women to teach their community better hygiene and healthy habits as well as first aid principles.

Happy, freshly washed boy
Chandan just after bathing in the bathroom at his home in Lunduriguda village which has clean running tap water as provided by Gram Vikas as part of its work on water and sanitation.

Charity begins at home – a Portuguese cause

Over time, I plan to add a Portuguese cause to those I support, although there are not yet any Portuguese organisations on the B1G1 platform so I need to find another way to contribute.

I’ve chosen to help APAV, the Portuguese Victims Support Association in the work they do with victims of crimes, domestic abuse, sex trafficking, tourist victims and protecting vulnerable people including the elderly and refugees.

I just need to work out the details.



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  1. Julie, you have my full support to integrate as much as possible SDG’s in tourism. It makes much sense to combine two reinforcing objectives. I’m living in Lagos, Algarve since my retirement last November after worked for international development institutions. If I need one of your services I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Best regards, Frans

    1. Author

      Thanks, Frans. Your support means a lot to me

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